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Health. The digital economy. Systems and mechanical engineering. Mobility.

These four topics will be addressed on the Fraunhofer Solution Days, where some institutes of the EPIC consortium will be involved as well. For more information, please visit

October 26–29, 2020
Digital event
„Digital technologies as enablers of industrial competitiveness and sustainability”

The DET 2020 conference focuses on the employment of modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for the modelling, simulation, optimization, control, monitoring, and visualisation of products, factories and manufacturing processes, covering all lifecycle issues across the entire supply chain, starting with product design and development, engineering of factories, machines, equipment and technical processes, commissioning and ramp-up, followed by manufacturing operations, maintenance, factory overhaul and facility management, up to products recycling/re-use, and environmentally friendly dismantling.

Read more about the event at:

What do we mean by Industry4.0? How can we digitalize our production and what can be applied from Industry4.0? What the IoT, IIoT, M2M, V2V, AI, MI, ML, AR/VR, Cloud abbreviations mean? Is there a needle in the daily appearing new concepts and approaches?

The term refers to the fourth industrial revolution, it is the common name of the turbulent digitalization period representing an ever closer connection between information technology, automation and through this a fundamental change in production methods.

Whether you are a production support engineer or an engineering manager, or even you are responsible for a small business or the processes of a huge multinational manufacturing company, most probably you have the same questions.

  • What is the connection between the tools and opportunities of Industry?
  • What changes are required from our business if we want to follow the I4.0 direction?
  • How can a new IT system be designed, developed and built in cyberspace to be reliable, secure and adequately protected in terms of information security?
  • What are the opportunities and dangers of posting production data on the Internet?
  • Where is Industry 4.0 evolving?


Botond Kádár from EPIC InnoLabs and other notable experts will answer such and similar questions on the Lean Mosaic workshop conference.

Budaörs, Terra Park or online
The SZTAKI is one of the partners of INDUSTRY DAYS in 2020!

The SZTAKI will be present at the trade fair "INDUSTRY DAYS" as an exhibitor, which will take place from 5 to 8 May 2020 at HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center, where exhibitors display their products and services together through practical examples.

Come to say hello to our professionals at our stand!

The Group of Shared Virtual Reality of SZTAKI (also known as Apertus VR) will offer solutions on the field of the Industrial Virtual and Augmented Reality.

The experts of EPIC Innolabs help to inform the general public and foster business relationships by presenting the latest improvements in technologies used in material flow simulation, industrial data analysis, and Industry 4.0 solutions.

The eLearning Department and the Systems and Control Laboratory (SCL) of SZTAKI presents its spherical panorama service and autonomous vehicle sensor. 

Last but not least you can see a next-generation holographic microscope for direct analysis of liquids without sample preparation.

HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center
Are you interested in robotics? If so, you are in luck!

Visit Győr city and the Széchenyi István University on Wednesday, April 8, 2020!

This meeting is for anyone who would like to learn technology, programming, robotics, artificial intelligence as a pastime, or career.

Organizers provide opportunities for both businesses and individuals to reach a wider audience and display their inventions at the next The West-Transdanubian Regional Innovation Exhibition  (Nyugat-dunántúli Regionális Innovációs Kiállítás és Találmányi Vásár).

Please remember to check the UT 110 laboratory room for further fun, and we'll show you what we are about, and you can consider joining us!

Click to see the application form for companies and exhibitors:

Application Deadline: March 12, 2020 
For further information and information about the exhibition use the following contact: 
Bálint Pál
Tel: 06 70 / 977-1458 

Come check out what we do!

See also:

XI. Nyugat-dunántúli Regionális Innovációs Kiállítás és Találmányi Vásár by Zsuzsanna  Pesthy

Az Innovációs kiállításról

In the SZTAKI laboratory scientists and visitors are looking for solutions to solve the challenges of the modern age.

The first open day was held in the Industry 4.0 Laboratory of the Institute for Computer Science and Control (SZTAKI) at the Széchenyi István University.

Robots are becoming increasingly important in the industry. A new milestone in automated work is Industry 4.0 technology, which enables real-time communication between humans and machines.

The goal of the event is to encourage local small and medium-sized companies to get involved in areas of new technologies and high-tech automated machines.

The visitors will be able to view the work in the lab four more times - March 18, April 22, May 20 and June 17.

Those who do not have the chance to attend in person can visit the virtual lab of SZTAKI at, which is an exact copy of the physical laboratory at the Széchenyi István University. "

Photo: Dr. Imre Paniti, Research Fellow at SZTAKI

What do robots mean in Industry 4.0?

How can robots be linked to artificial intelligence? Let's talk about it. 
On March 3, we and the EpicInnolabs are organizing an interactive World Café event with the German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

On 30 of October, our colleague, János Nacsa will give a presentation on "Industry 4.0 Solutions in Robotics" at the VFP SYSTEMS' Industry 4.0 Road Show in Győr, Széchenyi István University, Management Campus, the entrance is free but pre-registration is necessary.

EPIC InnoLabs Ltd. is organizing the INDIGO Professional Day - for the third time.

What is the European vision for factories of the future?
How can we make competitive manufacturing sustainable?
How is a Smart Factory built in America?
How can data science make serious savings in manufacturing optimization?
EPIC InnoLabs Ltd. (a joint project company of MTA SZTAKI and the Fraunhofer Research Network in Germany) is organizing the INDIGO Professional Day - for the third time.

The questions above will be answered by the lectures of renowned foreign and domestic experts.
Date: October 2, 2019
Location: Bay House House Event Center, 1117 Budapest, Kopaszi Dam 2.
Participation fee: 29 900 HUF + VAT,
For members of NTP (Industry 4.0 National Technology Platform) 19 900 HUF + VAT.
We are primarily looking for registrations of production, industrial engineering, IT and logistics executives, and digitization professionals within the company.
More information, program and registration: (


Bay House House Event Center, 1117 Budapest, Kopaszi Dam 2.
The nationwide programme, the Researchers’ Night gives us the opportunity to invite high schools students who stand before deciding their future professional career, but also interested elementary and grammar school students and even grown-ups are welcome

The Research Laboratory on Engineering & Management Intelligence of SZTAKI has been working for years on developing so-called Industry 4.0 solutions. At our demo we present the assembling of different parts, offering at each step the option to get it done either by the robot or the visitor himself. So anybody can test how to cooperate (in a collaborative way) with a robot. Additionally, the digital model of the complex assembling work station is also shown in real-time by using various sensors.              

The ever closer and ever more comprehensive links between production and IT, the new technological solutions and business concepts developed on this basis are summarised by the term Industry 4.0. Digitisation opens the way to the cyber-physical systems where each real (physical) device has its digital / virtual (cyber-) copy. The two are tightly coupled to each other and enable the device to operate in a more complex (smart) way. The most exciting area of this evolution is the new type of robotization, i.e. when robots are working in an environment where humans are also present and, even more, tasks are performed jointly by the robots and humans.         

The Programme

The detailed programme may be accessed through the official website of the Researchers’ Day here.

Széchenyi István Egyetem, UT 110 é. labor 9026 Győr, Egyetem tér 1.
The conference was hosted in the new building of Management Campus.

Photo: Csaba Májer

Viola Gallina (research fellow of Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH) and Gábor Nick (expert at EPIC InnoLabs Ltd., a research associate at MTA SZTAKI) presented the way of collaboration with research institutes and the industry to implement successful digitization projects.

Gallina talked about the good relationship between Fraunhofer Institute and MTA SZTAKI, working together on industrial projects, products and services.



The annual industrial exhibition at Hungexpo Budapest gives EPIC (Centre of Excellence in Production Informatics and Control) an opportunity to prove that it stands for its name. Excellence in Industry 4.0 research and applied science through consultancy

The project (EPIC) and the related joint venture (EPIC InnoLabs) were created by MTA SZTAKI and the Fraunhofer Institute to improve the research processes in applied sciences. Now the following results are in display to convince the real industry. Data analysis projects are demonstrated through a connected factory concept. The experts will show how the data collected by the variety of sensors are analyzed evaluated and displayed helping the decision makers.

Plant simulation is a traditional part of the exhibition presence of EPIC, but this year interactive displays are giving the visitors the chance to try their analytical skills (and luck). Industry representatives can play around in a 3D plant model trying to figure out the best configuration. EPIC expert will demonstrate the way of analyzing the results and optimizing the factory layout.

The 20th European Conference on Mathematics for Industry to be held in Budapest between 18-20 June, 2018 is sponsored by our Centre of Excellence in Production Informatics and Control (EPIC)

The series of ECMI conferences are devoted to enforce the interaction between academy and industry, leading to innovations in both fields. These events have attracted leading experts from business, science and academia, and have promoted the application of novel mathematical technologies to industry. The ECMI 2018, orginazed among others by the Institute for Computer Science and Control of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA SZTAKI) and sponsored by the Centre of Excellence in Production Informatics and Control (EPIC), is hoped to further enhance multidisciplinary research and development both in academia and industry, leading to the formulation of challenging real-life problems, where mathematics may provide significant new insights and at the same time may be inspired by those interactions.

18-22 June 2018
The invited session "Digital Twins asthe heart of Cyber-Physical manufacturing systems" is being organized in the IFAC INCOM 2018 conference

The EPIC consortium is organizing an invited session at 16th IFAC Symposium on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing (INCOM 2018). The 2018 IFAC Symposium on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing (INCOM 2018) represents the 16th event in the rich tradition of triennial IFAC events in manufacturing sciences and information technologies. The International Programme Committee is chaired by Prof. Monostori while the invited session titled "Digital Twins asthe heart of Cyber-Physical manufacturing systems" is organized by four leading researchers of EPIC CoE. For more details please follow:

10-13 June 2018
Bergamo, Italy
International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Current business environments, including production and logistics, are and will be confronted with a great variety of emerging trends, such as growing collaboration of computational entities and networks of entities with the surrounding physical world (seen as Cyber-Physical Systems); creation and exploitation of large amounts of data/information; open hardware and software engineering; societal and business practice shifts such as digital currency (e.g.: Bitcoin, Namecoin, Litecoin), new human-machine interaction paired with advances in sensing and analytics and many more. These trends and technologies separately and together are concurrently challenging and high potential, even to the level of disruptive innovation.

The particular focus of this special issue is on Smart Cyber-Physical Systems in the context of production and logistics. We are soliciting high-quality, original papers and encourage submissions that cover the following topics (but are not limited to):

  • Cyber-physical production systems (CPPS) applications
  • Novel production management and tools for CPS-based production
  • New approaches for the cyber-physical supply chain
  • Industrial strategies for CPS and foresight
  • CPS for transport
  • CPS based smart factory
  • Smart maintenance with CPS
  • Monitoring and analytics in CPPS
  • Use cases and user studies of CPS, ROI of using CPS
  • Approaches for integration of CPS and the IoT
  • CPS safety and security
  • Big data system and data analytics for CPS
  • Cognitive modelling of human users in CPSs
  • Ontology-based models for CPS/Industrial IoT
  • Cyber-physical systems modelling and simulation
  • Cloud-based CPS
  • Industry 4.0
  • Digital twins of cyber-physical systems
  • CPS in autonomous vehicles and unmanned vehicles
  • CPS education (e.g.: curriculum development, on-line and virtual laboratories).


  1. Authors are required to prepare their manuscripts according to the Guide for Authors available on the journal’s website at:
    Only papers describing previously unpublished, original, state-of-the-art research, and not currently under review by a conference or a journal will be considered.
  2. In the submission system, the authors need to indicate that the paper is for the special issue “Smart Cyber-Physical System Applications in Production and Logistics”.
  3. The title of the paper on the system should start with “Smart CPS” (an example title: Smart CPS Digital twins in logistics).

Important Dates

Deadline for manuscript submission: May 15th, 2018
Notification to authors: August 15th, 2018
Submission of revised versions: October 15th, 2018
Final notification of acceptance: November 1st, 2018
Final manuscripts due: November 30th, 2018

Guest Editors

Elisabeth Ilie-Zudor
Budapest, Hungary

Davy Preuveneers
imec-DistriNet-KU Leuven
Leuven, Belgium

Aniko Ekart
Aston University
Birmingham, UK

Eckhard Hohwieler
Fraunhofer IPK
Berlin, Germany

Other information

May 15th, 2018
SZTAKI will attend the AUTOMOTIVE HUNGARY, the 5th International Exhibition for Automotive Industry Suppliers between 18-20th of October at HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Centre

EPIC CoE will have a separate booth in Pavilon A where the newest R&D&I results will be exhibited and demonstrated for the public. We are looking forward to see you at our booth Number 201F1.

Hungexpo - Budapest, Albertirsai út 10, 1101
The first Industrial Digitization Day will be organized by SZTAKI with the support of EPIC Centre of Excellence on 10th October 2017

The first Industrial Digitization Day will be organized on 10th October 2017 with the support of EPIC Centre of Excellence. The planned yearly event is dedicated to industrial leaders and in this year will focus on the main Industry 4.0, IoT, a picture about the Hungarian status in the industrial digitization, as well as the new developments in digital factory methodologies and software tools.

ÖbölHáz Rendezvényközpont, 1117 Budapest, Kopaszi gát 2.
The colleagues of EPIC CoE and SZTAKI are looking forward to host the visitors interested in the Industry 4.0 topics, like robotics, 3D laser scanning, automated manufacturing systems, etc. during the 2017 Researcher’s Day both in Budapest and Győr.

Industry 4.0 Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence located at Széchenyi István University in Győr is waiting the interested visitors during the Researcher’s Night on 29th September 2017. Our colleagues will demonstrate the new open lab including the pilot manufacturing system and the newly installed collaborative robots. In the new environment the visitors can interactively work together with the small robots and they will get an insight view of the robotized 3D laser scanning. We are looking forward to host all the interested visitors

9026 Győr, Egyetem tér 1. - UT ép. 110. labor
The International Measurement Confederation IMEKO, Technical Committee 10 on Technical Diagnostics, organized the 15th IMEKO TC10 Workshop on Technical Diagnostics: “Technical Diagnostics in Cyber-Physical Era” in Budapest, Hungary, on June 6-7, 2017

The Workshop organized by MTA SZTAKI and EPIC Centre of Excellence was a forum for advancing knowledge and exchange ideas on methods, principles, instruments and tools, standards and industrial applications on Technical Diagnostics as well as their diffusion across the scientific community. Participants had an excellent opportunity to meet top specialists from industry and academia all over the world and to enhance their international co-operation. The conference featured four keynote presentations from both leading industry and academia representatives.

Budapest, Hungary
The 1st Automobile and Logistics Fair and Conference was held at Zalaegerszeg, Hungary on 1st and 2nd June 2017

The largest Automobile and Logistics Conference and Fair outside Budapest was organized in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary on 1st and 2nd June 2017. The host institute of the EPIC Centre of Excellence, MTA SZTAKI presented its main innovation results and solutions in the fair.

Zalaegerszeg, Stadion u. 3, 8900
The INDUSTRY DAYS and MACH-TECH 2017 concluded a four day run more successful than ever before. In 2017 over 420 exhibitors from 19 countries took part in the professional gathering at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center from 9-12 May.

Numerous important economic announcements were made during the main Conference organized on the opening day of the Exhibitions. At the greatest industrial gathering in Hungary, all key sectors playing a leading role in the spread of industrial digitalization, or Industry 4.0, were represented at the event. OEM manufacturers and suppliers of machine tools, robotics, industrial hardware, electronics and automotive industry, moreover, representatives of digital factory, logistics and automation service providers were present in a great number at the Budapest Fair Center. During the four days 16,700 people visited the exhibitions, which is more than 10 percent increase compared to the number of visitors two years ago.
MTA SZTAKI, the main partner in EPIC was present at the Fair on separate booth, which was very attractive with its interactive robotic cell and the industrial digitization demonstrators.

Budapest X. Albertirsai út 10.