Before creating or changing a strategy it is essential to assess where we are. The EPIC Centre of Excellence considers it vital to know better the digital ecosystem of the industry. The following questionnaires, assessments could help us in gaining the necessary information while providing you with considerations about the current state of the maturity level of your company. You can help the process of science meeting the industry application by filling out the surveys. Please, choose a topic and send us your answers (by which you accept our GDPR policy).

Impact of COVID-19 on Industrial Production

The current COVID 19 pandemic has now been shaping our everyday lives around the world for more than a year, both in our private and business spheres. The economic effects are already visible in many places, but are very branch specific. In this survey, the direct impact of COVID-19 on industrial production will be examined in more detail. The focus is on the question. "How can digitization help mitigate these impacts?" The aim of the survey is to first review the situation for 2020, and then look ahead to find out how manufacturing companies rate the future and would like to shape it. With the survey, we want to gain current insights in order to derive recommendations for action on technologies and support offerings for manufacturing companies.

The results of the survey are available now. Click here to download.

Digital Transformation Assessment (Berlin)
The aim of the survey is to implement a sector-independent benchmarking service. Companies can thus evaluate their status quo in the field of digital transformation.

Digitalization offers enormous opportunities to actively shape one's own future and at the same time confronts companies with great challenges. Digital transformation describes the process of change that companies must shape in order to master digitalization. Digital transformation is a complex topic that goes far beyond pure automation or implementation of modern technologies. Value creation structures change massively within a very short time. Companies are therefore challenged to put previous business practices and strategies as well as their own processes, structures and products to the test. With the help of our self-assessments, you can determine the status of digital transformation in your company. Answering the questions takes about 10 minutes.

After you have completed the questionnaire, you will receive your company-specific evaluation online. Additionally you also have the option of registering for benchmarking to reflect your position in an international comparison.

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Online Digitalization Benchmarking Service (Vienna)
The survey aims to collect information regarding digitalization of industrial companies.

Artificial Intelligence in Production Planning and Control The topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been developing strongly for years. AI has already established itself in individual corporate areas, for example in quality assurance (e.g., failure detection through image recognition). In contrast, some corporate areas have not been focused on in previous studies, including production planning and control (PPC). The use of AI in PPC promises some benefits, but a holistic investigation of its use is lacking. Therefore, the goal of this survey is to develop a comprehensive overview of the use of AI in PPC.

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To be continued...