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What do we mean by Industry4.0? How can we digitalize our production and what can be applied from Industry4.0? What the IoT, IIoT, M2M, V2V, AI, MI, ML, AR/VR, Cloud abbreviations mean? Is there a needle in the daily appearing new concepts and approaches?

The term refers to the fourth industrial revolution, it is the common name of the turbulent digitalization period representing an ever closer connection between information technology, automation and through this a fundamental change in production methods.

Whether you are a production support engineer or an engineering manager, or even you are responsible for a small business or the processes of a huge multinational manufacturing company, most probably you have the same questions.

  • What is the connection between the tools and opportunities of Industry?
  • What changes are required from our business if we want to follow the I4.0 direction?
  • How can a new IT system be designed, developed and built in cyberspace to be reliable, secure and adequately protected in terms of information security?
  • What are the opportunities and dangers of posting production data on the Internet?
  • Where is Industry 4.0 evolving?


Botond Kádár from EPIC InnoLabs and other notable experts will answer such and similar questions on the Lean Mosaic workshop conference.

Budaörs, Terra Park or online
„Digital technologies as enablers of industrial competitiveness and sustainability”

The DET 2020 conference focuses on the employment of modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for the modelling, simulation, optimization, control, monitoring, and visualisation of products, factories and manufacturing processes, covering all lifecycle issues across the entire supply chain, starting with product design and development, engineering of factories, machines, equipment and technical processes, commissioning and ramp-up, followed by manufacturing operations, maintenance, factory overhaul and facility management, up to products recycling/re-use, and environmentally friendly dismantling.

Read more about the event at: https://det2020.org/