IPAR 4.0: HUNGEXPO, the Hungarian major Fair and Exhibition ground organized the yearly spring’s INDUSTRY’s DAYS event during the last week of May in Budapest

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The 4 days’ long “INDUSTRY’s DAYS” Exhibition at HUNGEXPO offers the highest technical-engineering fair in Hungary.
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All major engineering and machine-building enterprises demonstrate their new products and services. Naturally the Robot-manufacturers, and all technology-transfer and technology-integration companies are present at such nation-wide event with large international participation. Along the various connected activities, this year a full-day workshop was organized right on the first, opening day devoted to IPAR 4.0 topics. The secretary of State for the Ministry of National Economy opened the Fair, while giving a speech on the importance of the 4th industrial revolution – as its importance is being realized also at the ministry’s level. The workshop was chaired and all 6 presentation were delivered by the EPIC core team members from MTA SZTAKI and form the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The presentations and lectures had invited a large number of audience, the lecture hall was almost all the time full. Also, on the very last day of the Fair, university students had to form competing teams, (12 teams of 3 students each) on tests about INDUSTRY 4.0 topic, on matching exhibiting companies’ results with IPAR4.0 aims, on submitting logo-plans for the 4th revolution, and on their home-university’s curricula regarding IPAR4.0. SZTAKI and the Platform members were invited to be the key lecturers and jury members for selecting the best teams.