SZTAKI Director’s Publications to be Significantly Influential to Cyber-Physical Production Systems

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A publication published by Lucas Caldas, Danelon Lopes and Clóvis Neumann in Procedia CIRP calls László Monostori the fourth most influential figure in his field’s research in the world.

László Monostori, director of SZTAKI is one of the most influential researcher in the field of cyber-physical production systems, according to a fresh paper titled Research and trends in cyber-physical production systems from 2008 to 2019, published by Lucas Caldas, Danelon Lopes éand Clóvis Neumann.

The paper published in Procedia CIRP analyzed authors from the era between 2008 and 2019 to rank them according their work’s influence in the field during the aforementioned decade. The authors got points according to the number of their publications, the publishing paper’s impact factor, and the citations of such papers, respectively. László Monostori, as the first author of the two leading papers – Cyber-physical production systems: Roots, expectations and R&D challenges (L. Monostori, 2014) and Cyber-physical systems in manufacturing (L. Monostori, B. Kádár, T. Bauerhansl, et al., 2016) – ranks as a highly influential scientist.

“The two main articles with most citations have Monostori as the main author. The first article (2014) – published in ProcediaCIRP  from the 47th CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems (CMS) –  had 696 citations and the author associates the relations between computer science, information technology,  communication,  and  manufacturing  science  and technology” – says the paper.

Counting only citations, the paper highlights Monostori László as the most significant author in his field, while in complete ranking, he is no. 4.: with his four thematic publications, Monostori gained 2,74 points, while Marcelo V.Garcia got 2,91 for his thirteen papers, Oliver Niggemann got 4,15 for his fifteen papers, and Birgit Vogel-Heuser got the highest amount of points, 6,58 with twenty-two of her papers. Its important to not that the second most influential paper has Botond Kádár as a co-author, who is the current CEO of EPIC InnoLabs Ltd.: a company co-established by SZTAKI and the Fraunhofer Society. Monostori’s two highlighted papers got more than a thousand citations according to Google Scholar.

You can read the full paper by Lucas Caldas, Danelon Lopes and Clóvis Neumann by clicking here.