Summer School for Human–Robot Collaboration

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Fraunhofer Austria and SZTAKI will jointly organize a virtual summer school for engineering master’s students, between the 28th July and the 5th August, 2021. The course is centered around collaborative assembly, with special focus on layout and process planning.

The summer school program will introduce students to concepts and techniques of layout and process planning, specifically for collaborative workstations where humans and robots take part in the same assembly process. Students will get acquainted with the essentials of the field, illustrated by selected examples, before they are given a specific problem to be solved.

While on-site participation is not possible under the current circumstances, students will be provided with simulation tools and guidance for addressing the tasks. Solutions designed by participants will be built up by our local teams, and tested with physical equipment located at SZTAKI’s premises in Budapest and Győr. Students will observe the results via video link, and receive test data for final evaluation.

We are expecting the participation of 12–16 students, with backgrounds in industrial production, automation, robotics, and/or systems engineering. Applicants are asked to send us a CV with preliminaries in education or other practical experience, and an optional motivational letter and/or recommendation of a parent institution or employer.

The EUR 300 participation fee of the seven-day course covers everything, from supplementary material kits for participants to remote tests with actual robots, guidance and lectures held by Fraunhofer Austria and SZTAKI, as well as a virtual tour of the organizing institutions.

For the full program and additional information, please see the official flyer below.