Successful 5th AET Symposium at HUN-REN SZTAKI, supported by EPIC project

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AETS 2023 took place at HUN-REN SZTAKI from 31 August to 1 September 2023. The event featured presentations by international experts, and a poster session was held in the Innovation and Demonstration Space (IDS) of the institute.
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On the first day, after registration, visitors were able to view the digital posters exhibited in the Innovation and Demonstration Space (IDS) and take part in a guided tour of the institute's hardware exhibition. On the second day, keynote speeches and invited speakers alternated on topics such as the state of the art in near-atomic manufacturing technologies and the challenges ahead for nanotechnology solutions.

Keynote speeches were given by Paul Shore, CEO of Loxham Precision; Lihui Wang, Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH; Jens Ducree, Professor at Dublin City University; Peter De Wolf, Division Director at Bruker and Gábor Stépán, Széchenyi Prize-winning Professor at BME. On the third and final day, participants visited the CU.BE Innovation Experience Centre of Bosch Rexroth Ltd.

The organisers were welcomed by Fengzhou Fang, Professor at Tianjin University and University College Dublin, on behalf of AET, while SZTAKI was welcomed by László Monostori, Director of HUN-REN SZTAKI and József Váncza, Director of the institute’s Engineering and Management Intelligence Research Laboratory.