Researchers' Night held by SZTAKI via online livestream

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SZTAKI researchers showcase their projects from robots to virtual hiking.
Full text: 

Considering the COVID-19 situation, SZTAKI held its own Researchers' Night event online. The roughly 160-minute-long livestream had five individual presentation discussing different projects, including robotics, smart manufacturing and the half-a-century long history of hardware development within the walls of SZTAKI.

The first presentation started 17:00 to explain what makes a manufacturing line “smart”. Research associate Richárd Beregi showcased the Smartfactory demonstrator of SZTAKI, going into details on how to expand collaborative and “smart” technologies and decision making to actual manufacturing.

This was followed by two different presentations about the same aspect of robotics: what tasks are difficult to robots that are easily done by humans. Developer Tamás Cserteg demonstrated this by a portrait-drawing robot and its essential functions, while research associate Bence Tipary talked about process planning and service applications that can be fully automated by thorough preparations and modeling.

The last two presentations were about a virtual tourism mobile app showcasing the historically significant measurements made by Loránd Eötvös during the late XIX. century, held by the head of SZTAKI eLearning Department, Zsolt László Márkus, and SZTAKI’s early hardware developments in network technology during the second half of the XX. century, held by development engineer Sándor Manno.

The presentations are available here.