The Innovation and Demo Space at the Institute for Computer Science and Control (SZTAKI) was officially opened

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In the Innovation and Demo Space (IDS), some of SZTAKI’s most recent research and development results were presented and demonstrated. SZTAKI is part of the Eötvös Loránd Research Network (ELKH).
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Prof. László Monostori, Director of SZTAKI emphasised in his speech at the IDS’s opening ceremony that students and representatives of SZTAKI’s industrial partners can see and experiment with leading edge machines, methods and innovation in the IDS. The IDS targets three main fields. These fields are associated with and represented by the National Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence, led by Dr. András Benczúr, by the Autonomous Systems National Laboratory, led by Prof. Péter Gáspár, and by the Centre of Excellence for Industry 4.0, led by Dr. József Váncza.

In the IDS’s floorspace of more than 400 square metres about 20 different technologies were demonstrated by the researchers at the opening ceremony for the participants of the event. These technologies and systems included artificial intelligence (AI) based systems, autonomous vehicles, drones and UAVs, advanced robotics. Prof. Monostori pointed out in his speech that all the technologies and systems presented at the event were developed in the frame of some university, or industrial cooperation. He added that a large research cooperation network is maintained by SZTAKI’s researchers. In this context, he referred to the Fraunhofer Research Network as one of the most significant EU research partner.

In his speech, Prof. József Bokor, Vice-President of ELKH underlined that ELKH aims to support such international joint work and cooperation. He expressed his hope that most up-to-date innovations can and will be presented and demonstrated in this excellent facility at SZTAKI.

László Palkovics, Minister of Technology and Industry pointed out in his speech at the event that SZTAKI has a tradition of research and development in the field of artificial intelligence, and for this reason laboratories active in this field are well placed at SZTAKI. He added that solutions and applications presented and demonstrated at SZTAKI represent a wide research spectrum that relates to production, health service, transport and logistics. He emphasised that his Office is happy to support initiatives like the IDS.

From left to right: Prof. László Monostori, Director of SZTAKI, László Palkovics, Minister of Technology and Industry, Prof. József Bokor, Vice-President of the Eötvös Loránd Research Network. Photo: MTI.