Fraunhofer IPK and Fraunhofer Austria launches common project titled EMOTION

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This year, the EMOTION project was launched as one of 3 Fraunhofer lighthouse projects with the participation of EPIC partners Fraunhofer Austria and Fraunhofer IPK.
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Over the next 4 years, the consortium will research how empathic technical systems can optimize the production of the future.

“The objective of the EMOTION project is to fulfill the need for resilient production. Resilient production systems are systems that are capable of responding, learning and adapting. In these systems, people, intelligent machines and products must work together by leveraging synergies and providing complementary skills. This creates resilience in the face of disruptive change in a turbulent business environment. Collaboration of this level requires the mutual understanding and joint action of all actors involved, making empathy a defining capability of resilient production systems” – says the official website.