Factory of the Year Prize, 2019 #évgyára #Hatvan

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Hello from Hatvan!
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The first joint on-site visit of the Factory of the Year Prize, 2019, Hungary starts today. 
SZTAKI and FhA colleagues are responsible for the Industry 4.0 Category

For the fifth time, Gyártástrend technology magazine announced the Factory of the Year competition, which aims to find the manufacturing company of the year and the winners of the special categories based on a complex set of criteria. The General Factory of the Year Award is given to the best companies with annual revenue under 3 billion, between 3 billion and 10 billion, and over 10 billion HUF.
Companies with Hungarian manufacturing units can join the competition in nine different categories, and the Factory of the Year prize is being awarded to the production unit that has submitted a valid application in several categories and has won at least one category. Category winners are being awarded, as well.
The competition has two-rounds. In the first round, the company has to fill out an application form and a short-list is formed after a preselection of the official jury. In the second round, professional partners validate the information in the questionnaire in the nine categories with local audits. From EPIC Centre of Excellence our colleagues from SZTAKI and FhA are responsible for the Industry 4.0 Category in this competition. Today, the first joint on-site visit took place in Hatvan.


In the picture: Adam Szaller, System Engineer at EPIC InnoLabs  stands together with Viola Gallina PhD, Research Assistant at Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH.