Expert Talk in Tirol about the success of the MLinPPC project

Lead text: 
One of Fraunhofer Austria’s and SZTAKI’s joint ventures, the highly successful MLinPPC project was introduced at the IZT Expert Talk in Wattens, Tirol, as an example of applied research in practice.
Full text: 

MLinPPC started in 2020 with an expected closure in 2023. The project, which is mainly focusing on the eventual differences between planned and executed production, and its subsequent improvement by machine learning, is coordinated by Fraunhofer Austria, with the heavy involvement of the Hungarian Institute for Computer Science and Control.

“In industrial practice, there are always deviations between production planning and subsequent execution. These deviations are caused by uncertainties, e.g. inaccurate or insufficient planning data (e.g. data quality and availability), inappropriate planning and control systems or unforeseeable events. Production planners therefore use buffers in the form of inventories or extended transitional periods to create possibilities for implementing corrective measures in production control. Buffers, however, lead to increased coordination and control effort and to negative effects, e.g. on inventory, throughput time and capacity utilization. Furthermore, it was found that the reliability of the production plans and thus the planning quality (PQ) can drop to 25% in the first three days after plan creation [1]. Potential for more effective planning remains largely unexploited” – explained in the project’s official abstract.