The effect of radial rake angle on chip thickness in the case of face milling. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

György Póka, István Németh
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Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture
2019 (published)
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The existing models of undeformed chip thickness for face milling found in the literature neglect the radial rake angle of the tool, and they assume that its value is zero. The effect of the variation of the radial rake angle has not yet been discussed in the literature. As a novelty, this article investigates such an effect, especially the effect on chip thickness. A new tool model is proposed that takes into account the radial rake angle. A new method to calculate the chip thickness has been developed that uses the new tool model and is based on several existing numerical and approximation methods. It is analytically proved that the effect of the radial rake angle must be taken into account for calculating accurate results; however, in the case of lower feed rates, that effect is insignificant. The presented procedures are evaluated with respect to their accuracy and computing requirements. The proposed new methods have been verified by cutting experiments.
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