A successful World Café event: current trends in robotics

Lead text: 
For the first time (but certainly not the last time), EPIC InnoLabs Nonprofit Kft. and the German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce & Industry organized a joint interactive World Café event on March 3, 2020, at the headquarters of SZTAKI.
Full text: 

The fact that more than 50 professionals gathered and took part in active and open discussions further illustrates the fervor and scrutiny on the topic of robotics.

The constructive dialogue was greatly facilitated by the ever-changing composition of the tables and the diversity of the areas and organizations represented by the participants (industry, science, economy, society).

The World Café provided an excellent occasion not only to raise issues and challenges but also to forge connections, discover solutions and celebrate successes.

The group discussions focused on the following topics, with dozens of occasional sub-questions:

• Industrial digitalization trends
• The social and economic impacts of robotics
• Relationship between robotics and artificial intelligence

It was good to see that besides targeted professional dialogues, there was also time for networking. The room was filled with enthusiastic chatter and many business cards changed hands. So we look forward to the next event with great optimism and a shared expectation: another World Café event is coming this fall.

Photos: Nóra Halász & Gábor Nick.