Magnetic Assisted Ball Burnishing of Magnetizable and Non-Magnetizable Materials

Zsolt Ferenc Kovács, Zsolt János Viharos, János Kodácsy, Roland Sándor
16th IMEKO TC10 Conference
Number, date: 
September 3-4, 2019
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ISBN 978-92-990084-1-6
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The goal of the reported research was to evaluate the machining conditions the magnetizable and non-magnetizable materials by the novel permanent Magnetic Assisted Ball Burnishing (MABB) tool. C45 steel, KO36 austenite steel, AA7075 aluminium and PA6 polymer materials were applied in the experiments. The main aim was to determine the optimal the technological parameters for these materials taking in consideration the hardness and roughness of the surface, too. Taguchi design of experiment methodology was applied in this study to simply look for optimal technology, compared to other kinds of technologies reported in various scientific papers. Surface quality is a complex feature that refers to the micro-geometrical characteristics of the machined surface. It includes roughness and waviness and gives a realistic picture about the top of the surface, while micro hardness and grains structure are especially important on sub-surface level. The results mirrored that all of the tested materials can be burnished by the MABB tool, however, the results from the economical viewpoints are diverse. The MABB tool was mainly designed to reduce the surface roughness but this cold metal forming process has further result like the surface hardening and further conclusions were also drawn that the MABB tool: • capable to reduce the surface of nonmagnetizable materials, too, • increases the surface hardness of C45